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River table part 2

Part 2 of how we go through the process of making a river table.

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We left off last time with our customer excepting our quote. The next process is to select the wood that is required to complement your project the best it possibly can.

We use a local timber yard that is highly reputable. With this, you can be assured that the timber used in your project has been sourced in the correct manner. This is very important to some customers so we take this very seriously. We get to pick and work with timbers with character. The wayner the better in most cases.

We either invite you along to the timber mill to meet with us and view the selection. But we understand that this is sometimes impossible, either being work commitments or just distance. But rest assured we will go along and make videos, take pictures and send them over. We can lay timbers out for you to visualize your finished project. When we have decided on your selected wood and you are happy with the layout it’s onto calculating the volume of resin.

If you are interested in finding out our process for calculating the volume of resin then look out for our next post.

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