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River table – Part 3

In this section of the blog i will be going through our methods of calculating volume of resin. With this you should be able to understand our methods in this process.

If all rivers where square this process would be pretty simply. You would calculate the length by the with and by the depth, giving you a total of square inches. With this you would you would multiply your number of cubic square inches by 0.0164. this will give you number of litres required for your projects. i always consider number of litres as the equal amount in kq so this makes it easier if your buying resing in the UK.

For example if your rive was 7″ wide and 70″ in length and 2″ depth. you would multiply 7x70x2=980 square inches. you then multi this by 0.0164 giving you a total of 16.072 litres. I always round this up to allow for wastage and shrinkage.

This is how you would calculate a river if it was square. So river tables with multiple width rivers I break down into sections and do my calculations this way.

After calculating the volume of resin and before you are ready to do your main pour, there are many things we need to have ready in order to complete this process to success.

We will cover all this so be patient and keep reading.

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