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River Tables

Your unique river table design is totally in your hands. With our expert advice, we will help you create something truly amazing.

We use a local timber mill so we can guarantee our timber is sourced in the correct way. “I’ve selected some images of a few customers’ ideas to showcase the difference in ways rivers can be placed. colors and river designs are completely endless, your timber and color choice will tell your story. Making your table completely personal to you and 100% unique. If you have an idea we can discuss, we will make your dreams a reality.

We understand that buying a new piece of furniture as important as a dining table isn’t cheap so you want to get it right. With these bespoke designs, you are sure to be left completely satisfied with placing one of these tables in your very own home.

We help our customers select a perfect piece of timber to suit their taste and style. Our tables go from raw slabs of lumber that are all locally sourced into beautiful pieces of art you see below.

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