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Working Progress

Below we have some of our projects from start to finish and will upload more projects as we progress through each custom one-off pieces of beauty.

Here we have a very nice coffee table made from pippy oak. It was very hard to see how this one would look and thankfully the customer trusted us and went with it to reveal a beautiful table.

this is an overview of the table now let’s tell the story of how we went from this rough looking piece of wood to this amazing work of art.
It all started here with this piece of pippy oak we found at our local timber yard. I think it was the shape that our customer fell in love with.
We then took our rough looking piece of timber and trimmed it then created a mould to house our resin.
We also sealed the edges with three coats of epoxy sanding between each coat.
We then filled our table with a titanium pigment just to create a base layer then filling with clear as you will see later this gave a nice white layer that really sparkled when the light hit.
after the curing process, it’s onto the finishing stage and for most customers, this seems like the end but let me tell you something we have a long way to go yet.
This particular customer wanter a seal coat over the final project. So after flattening and sanding it was time for three seal coats before a flood coat but you will see we ran into some difficult times.
And here we are the dreaded Animi blush as we call it in the resin world. There are so many things that can cause this with resin. But with all my experience we soon solved this.
we wet sanded to 2500 grit with this table as we weren’t looking for that mirrored glass finish but more a satin look.
None the less this still takes its time and toll on the mind.
Sanding all done just the polishing to go before wrapping and delivering it to our customer.
And here we are our finished piece from old beaten up piece of wood to a beautiful one of a kind work of art. And don’t forget if you would like to be the owner of one of these unique tables then feel free to contact and we can start planning your very own story.